Wednesday in Transylvania - Less in More

by R J Poole July. 09, 2017 1216 views

There is such a thing as fate.

Throughout our time in Romania, Wednesday and I have experienced opportunities that go far beyond mere coincidence.

We exit a taxi in the wrong place and meet a film crew shooting a TV series. The train ticket person can’t understand a word we say, but someone in the cue speaks perfect English and saves us. On a whim we decide to eat breakfast in some random place and a folk festival parades right in front of our table!

Events unfold around us that seem contrived, but not really!

Travel itineraries often involve visiting as many different places as possible, yet there’s a lot to be said for staying longer in the one location. Rather than trying to cram as much into a journey as possible, it’s better to visit fewer places for longer and give yourself the opportunity to experience more of the local culture.

Less is more.

Brasov has been our home for six days and still we haven’t scrapped the surface.

Rising early at 5 am, Wednesday and I venture into the old city to do some photographic work before the locals are awake.

Completely by chance, we discover an open corridor that leads to a Greek Orthodox church that is open. Approaching tentatively, we enter the seemingly abandoned interior as if everything has been waiting for our arrival.

The atmosphere is beautifully mystic, yet dark.

My camera struggles with the darkness, so I use a tripod and lower my shutter speed as far as triggering by finger will allow. Wednesday assumes her position and stares unnervingly into the distance as if she’s seen something.

The silence is palpable.

Some things are meant to happen. Call it coincidence or whatever you want – but there are forces in this world that pass unseen, except for those moments when the hair on the back of our neck stands on end and we are moved in ways for which there are no words.

Less is more and the mystery of fate taunts us from the edge of our understanding.

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Heike 4 years, 2 months ago

Great photo, - and I love the way you are writing your stories. It's captivating.

4 years, 2 months ago Edited
Carl Mcpherson 4 years, 2 months ago

Interesting image.  Due to the leading lines and the strong verticals, I can't help but be put off by the slight drop to the left-hand side of the image.  Straightening the image would improve the overall balance, but a great image never the less, very compelling. +1camera

4 years, 2 months ago Edited