Wednesday in Transylvania - The Gateway

by R J Poole July. 10, 2017 1274 views

Photographic art has much to do with what occurs behind the camera.

Like all art, it’s autobiographical in nature. It’s about ‘you’ the artist and what you want to say about your encounter with life. It’s about your personal experience of the human condition and how you chose to express that experience.

In my own case, Wednesday is one of a special group of people who act out my thoughts and feelings in front of the camera. Presently, she is my alter ego projected onto the Gothic buildings and landscape of Romania.

For many, the Gothic genre is a little understood subject.

It has to do with the darker aspect of the human psyche, reeling from the impact of the industrial revolution – a process that has been on-going for two and a half centuries!

In Romania there are many reminders of what preceded modern industry. There are many relics from a time before the machine age and the subsequent re-ordering of human society to service the needs of a mass market.

It’s easy to romanticise this bygone era – as easy as it is t0 take clichéd images of Bran Castle, or the crooked Medieval lane-ways of Brasov.

Yet we should never forget that human life has always been a struggle.

Regardless of where or when our lives unfold, there is always the challenge of locating the things we all need. Love, nurture, emotional security, a sense of connection……...

The Gothic genre is a reminder that life is not always a bed or roses.

Life is both beautiful and sad. It exposes us to ecstatic pleasures and the agony of our mortal existence and we must navigate these as best we can.

Art has much to do with opening doors. As if searching for something, we are moved to find an entrance that opens.

As if stood outside a gateway, we are motivated to knock upon ourselves in the hope of finding what it means to be human.

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Carl Mcpherson 4 years, 2 months ago

Another thought provoking image. +1

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