Wednesday in Transylvania - Fear

by R J Poole July. 12, 2017 1297 views

Life in Transylvania was once very different.

Dotted throughout the countryside are fortified towns, churches or castles that are evidence of an age in which people lived behind massive fortified walls for a reason.


For all the problems and shortcomings of the modern world, life for most people has improved immeasurably and only those who are ignorant of history could imagine otherwise.

Things have change and yet many still live in fear.

Wednesday and I have worked photographically in a number of these sites, which today are seen as quaint curiosities. Places where you take the family for an outing, or go to enjoy the view – yet in previous times the local population constructed stone walls by hand out of necessity.

I often photograph Wednesday staring into the distance, as if searching for something that’s missing. Something that makes stone walls and parapets obsolete.

A force so great that nothing can keep it out.

We inhabit a paradox – a world that is (largely) peaceful, yet one we share with weapons against which there is no defence.

We no longer live behind fortified walls for a reason.

High explosives.

Things have changed, though the threat of war has not. We still kill for reasons that later seem pointless. Like the castles of old, we look back upon past conflicts and wonder why? What purpose was served? What lasting, tangible benefit was achieved?

Did all those people die for a reason, or did they just die?

Wednesday’s diminutive form contrasts with the high stone walls, as if the scale of our humanity is often dwarfed by fear.

Things have change because we are capable of change. We can overcome our fears. We can move on from the things that hold us back.

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