Wednesday in Transylvania - Love

by R J Poole July. 13, 2017 1661 views

Ultimately, art is about love or it is nothing.

While a tiny handful of artists are remembered for their art, the rest of us labour in silence and obscurity. We pour out our hearts hoping to make something substantial, only to discover that a sense of purpose or fulfilment is the best most of us will ever achieve.

Our art is about us and we must own the fact that ‘us’ is of little interest to anyone outside our tiny circle of friends and family.

Any notice or assistance we receive from others is a gift, because our art (like everything else) is a choice for which only we are responsible. No-one holds a gun to our heads and makes us create. No-one forces us to paint, draw, write or photograph things that are of little or no interest to others.

It is a choice we make out of love – a love of life – a love strong enough that we are motivated to record or capture something of its passing.

If we are fortunate, the impressions we record can influence others. They can be remembered long after we have passed from this life and contribute something of significance to the lives of others.

With luck, we can contribute some small, positive embellishment to this world that is a force for good, or an inspiration for those who will carry on the tradition.

So this is a big public ‘thank you’ to Nicola Kane (alias Wednesday) for helping me to express myself over the last four years and for extending me the trust and generosity in coming all this way to Romania to work with an old fart who makes weird images and says foolish things.

I am blessed to have such support and I hope in the coming weeks and months, that something of my art may offer her a small recompense for her efforts.

Cheers Wednesday!

Art is about love. Not the love most people think of at the mention of the word, but a private, individual experience that (in most cases) will be seen or noticed by a precious few.

A love that we gift to ourselves for attempting to make sense of this fleeting, otherwise mysterious, beautiful life.

Art is love – and that’s enough!

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Narelle Jarvis 4 years, 2 months ago

It is fitting that the"like" widget is a love heart. Cheers Wednesday and Rod!

4 years, 2 months ago Edited