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For me, art is something that confronts or challenges.

It’s not simply decorative, but has something more to say. This something is largely emotional, yet can also be philosophical, political or cultural - anything that transforms the work at hand into something beyond a complement to the décor.

This is not to say art cannot be admired purely for its aesthetic appeal. But rather, the art ‘I’ like moves me to think or feel on another level. It’s entirely a subjective experience and doesn’t have to make me feel good or uplifted.

Art is ‘literally’ in the eye of the beholder.

My art is about the human condition, in particular, the feminine part of the male psyche - the ‘anima’. This subject cuts to the heart of masculine identity and some of the changes experienced by men in today’s shifting society.

My work is also inspired by the Gothic genre which began with the industrial revolution. It portrays the shadow side of humanity which forms a necessary balance in becoming a whole person.

In both cases, my art deals with the dual nature of existence - male and female, light and shadow.


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