Misty & 2 Tennis Balls

by Rachel April. 29, 2017 910 views

On the 16th April, I had a proud mummy moment. 

We had been to the local park were we were playing fetch down at the beach. My dad was throwing balls out into the water as Misty and Toby love to swim.

Dad threw Misty's out quite far as the water was very shallow and Misty wasn't getting a chance to swim unless the ball landed further out. As soon as Misty knew where it landed she raced out to it. Then dad threw Toby his ball, not a far as as he is only a Jack Russell Terrier and needed to swim in the shallow water.

But by the time it landed Misty had got hers and was heading for Toby's. She has never ever got 2 balls into her mouth. She tried and tried and the next thing she started swimming back, pleased as punch with herself. Zooming in on her with the camera lens I was able to see she had the two in her mouth. I just had to photograph the moment.

Misty & Toby

Misty & the 2 Tennis Balls

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