Rachel's posts from January 2018

To continue my birthday celebrations, we went to Dublin Zoo. I quite like this photo in black and white, I think it suits the pose.

We had birthday celebrations this evening and played around taking photo's using flash and also playing around using a torch for a light source.

I finally had a half decent light source for this one, although for today's photo, this was the only one that I somewhat liked.

This week it seemed to be all about Misty's eyes :) This is another indoor shot with low light conditions.

Today we were confined to indoors as the weather was pretty poor outside. I liked Misty's eye with the light in this one.

This was taken in my back garden in low light conditions. I do like the tones in this. I think it looks rather delicate.

I love that I managed to capture her tongue like this. Today's photograph was between a lovely black and white of Misty and this. I went for the tongue out :)

This didn't quite turn out how I wanted. I didn't want to see the books behind the speed light and I didn't want to see the speed light either. Misty doesn't…

Tonight was a still life kind of night. I decided to use Misty antler chew toy as I thought that with the right lighting, it would look great in black and white…

I really like this photograph of Misty on the sofa. I like the grain which gives it a bit more drama and how the light catches her eyes.

I managed to get out before it got dark to do my photograph for today. It was a very quick session as we were losing light fast.

I decided on a food still life before I munched down these pieces of shortbread. I quite like the texture in these and the shallow DOF.

Back indoors again, I really can't wait for the brighter nights. I'm losing the will to live with all this darkness. This isn't the best photograph ever…

We had a mini adventure today, a walk along a Co. Down beach from Newcastle to Dundrum. Misty loves the beach, so I got plenty of photo's of her on this walk.

The only photograph that I liked out of all the ones I took today. Misty back lit with my flash gun. It worked far better today than yesterday as she stayed in…

Another dark and miserable evening, so again, Misty was my model and we just played around with the flash gun.

The weather was rubbish so we had to stay indoors to capture a photo for today. So today's photo was of Misty playing with her rope toy.

I was out the back garden taking photographs of Misty playing with her ball when I looked up and saw this gorgeous sky. I just had to capture it.

Playtime in the back garden, it won't be long until will be too dark to do this in the evening never mind get photographs of us playing.
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