Rachel's posts from February 2018

I was rather fed up today, so I was just playing around and decided this was going to be my 365 photo.

I got some daylight for today's 365 photo. I managed to get Misty over by the window for the photo, but my camera had the wrong lens on it and if I had of went…

Today I was trying to capture Misty's features, but with the poor lighting, this ended up being the only photo worthwhile loading up for today.

I was photographing Isaac in his bouncer whilst my parents were tying to make him laugh. He has the best big smile ever!

Christenings are tiring work, especially when you have to entertain everyone at the party afterwards.

Misty had her first ever trip on a ferry today. 4 adults and 2 doggies squeezed into the car and head over to Scotland on the boat before driving down to North…

The hall light isn't that great, so I had to tweak a little in Lightroom to make Misty distinguishable from the door.

We went for a walk in the countryside near Ballymena and we came to this field. So I got Misty to give me her best side...

There were a couple of photo's that I liked from today. I decided to go with this one, I just liked her pose in this one.

I really wasn't in the mood to do my photo today. So while music videos were playing on the TV I messed about with the reflections on my LED fireplace.
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