Rachel's posts from March 2018

We had a forest walk in Scotland before heading for the ship home. It was so beautiful, this photograph just doesn't do it justice.

This weekend was a trip to Scotland with Misty and OH. This was a beautiful walk along the most southern point in Scotland by the lighthouse.

It was a selfie kind of day. I didn't have my flashgun or studio lights with me and the lighting was dreadful, this was the best I could get.

Another day another photo of a tired doggie snoozing on the sofa after a day of a big walk and game of fetch on the beach and then playtime with her little JRT…

I nearly forgot to take a photo for today, so I had to quickly grab the camera and got a shot of Misty lazing on the sofa.

Tonight I took a self portrait using a mirror. Again the lighting wasn't the best but I quite like how it turned out.

We were having one of those days, we didn't have much time, so it was a quick photoshoot this evening.

I decided to photo Misty's features. However with the poor light and Misty being a black dog, it was a little problematic. This was the only photo that I liked…

More experimentation with the shells. I quite like how shells look in black & white photographs. I find details that I might have missed when it was in colour.

Today was a still life sort of day. I picked theseshells from my last trip to the beach and decided to shoot a photograph for something in black and white.
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