Rachel's posts from April 2018

I liked the silhouette of Misty here, especially the detail of the fur around her eyes and just below her nose.

Playtime in my parents kitchen before home time. Misty was watching the ball like a hawk and waiting for someone to throw it.

I was finding it hard to figure out what to photograph. I quite liked this one as you can see the pattern on the strings.

On the 7th January, we went a walk in Ballyboley Forest, one of our favourite places to go to for a walk. I've quite the adventurous doggie lol

Another quick photograph this evening, I wanted it to be in black and white but I don't think I got the lighting just right here.

Time for a nap on the sofa with Misty. The light wasn't the best here. I really need to sort the battery situation out for my flashgun.

Today we went no a road trip and ended up at Lough Neagh. I couldn't resist getting out to photograph the swans.
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