Peaceful Yoga Pant Parade

by Roaming Ri October. 25, 2016 981 views

yes you read that right, I said yoga pant parade.

Anyways this whole thing was organised over some guy in Barrington, RI writing a letter to the Editor in the local paper saying women over 20 shouldn't be wearing yoga pants...

peaceful yoga pant parade

yoga pant parade flag

Sooooo about a couple hundred women, children  and some men decided to get a parade going and walk by the mans house dressed in yoga pants....

yoga pants parade

men and women in yoga pants...and an accordion

yoga pant rally parade

We peacefully marched by the mans house rather quietly and nicely, no one yelled or threatened him or made rude remarks as we marched by as he likes to say we did...he called us an angry angy of a mob are we doing yoga afterwards? really now? ( I had no part in the yoga thing, I just marched and took pics)

free speech sign on his house

Free Speech

I agree with the whole Free of Speech and this man had every right to voice his opinion but if you cant handle the backlash then just keep it yourself..If someone wearing yoga pants offends you then just keep walking and don't look at the person..carry on like a an adult. 

This man has said hes been the victim of bullying before in his life...does he not realize by him writing that letter that he just bullied people himself/ Lifes to damn short to let yoga pants piss you off enough to write a letter to the editor.

My thing here is, with all the drug addiction and homelessness going on this world he's worried about some overweight chick in yoga pants..Why don't we start a rally and parade to bring awareness to drug addiction and homelessness?? Nooooo that would be to real of a problem to deal with in this messed up twisted yoga pants it little rant is over...................

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Stuey 4 years, 10 months ago

Excellent points made!

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Antonio Gil 4 years, 11 months ago


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Jay Boggess 4 years, 11 months ago

hahahhahhahahaaaa........I love it!

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