Back In Time - 2015 (Part 1)

by Rob Marson May. 07, 2017 573 views

Getting more and more current now and I need to post multiple parts now as my photo quantities per year increases. We've also had an increasing opportunity to travel as well which helps.

So what general stuff did we get up too and/or happened during 2015. Well quite early in the year another step grandchild arrived. This photo wasn't taken by me as this granddaughter was born in China! Great photo and deserved posting.

New baby


Next we managed to see Paloma Faith in concert - always tricky getting photos here with either compact (they don't let you in with anything looking like a DSLR!) or a phone but we didn't do to bad.

Paloma Faith concert

Paloma Faith in full flow

Paloma Faith in concert

Paloma Faith owning the stage

Then a trip to Chester Zoo


Magnificent Cheetah

Pink Flamingoes

Colourful Flamingoes

Jaguar in a tree

Big Cat Beauty in the setting sun

Then a little trip towards the end of the year to a small local wildlife park




On Duty

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