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by Rob Marson May. 17, 2017 821 views

January, 2017 and a trip to LA - never been before so this was to be a new experience. 11 hours on a plane later and we arrived. First impressions were "boy this place does traffic". 7 lane freeways all packed - a hell of a baptism of fire when you collect a hire car in LA.

Having mastered the traffic we headed off to many of the iconic locations in and around LA. Some we loved, some we hated and some in the middle! We enjoyed our trip up to the Pacific Coast. Firstly we dropped into Santa Monica and this first photo kind of sums up California I suppose - palm trees, sunshine and blue sky.

Santa Monica

Sunshine in Santa Monica

Of course, a trip to Santa Monica isn't complete without a walk onto the pier and a chance for a panoramic shot which turned out quite well.

Santa Monica Pier Panorama

Although we enjoyed Santa Monica we arrived early and it was getting incredibly busy towards late morning so we headed a little north along the Pacific Coast Highway and came upon a real jewel and probably our favourite place during our trip. Zuma Beach.

Zuma Beach, California

Zuma Beach - tranquility

This place was beautiful and so quiet. The highlight though was a dolphin pod spending some time with a couple of surfers in the water and then having a go themselves - this was awesome to watch them playing in the surf.

Dolphins surfing

Dolphins surfing!

We had a trip up to the Griffith Observatory to look out over LA (and it's smog)

Los Angeles

LA - laid out

An awe inspiring drop into the museum to look at the now retired Endeavour Space Shuttle. Mans ingenuity and resourcefulness in full effect.

Endeavour Space Shuttle

Up close and personal with Endeavour

We had a trip to Hollywood Boulevard and were very underwhelmed - but hey, we'd been and done it.

Hollywood Boulevard

Hollywood Boulevard

We dropped into Rodeo Drive - famous but at the end of the day it's just shops! However, my wife is a huge fan of the film "Pretty Woman" so we had to grab a few pictures of the Beverly Wilshire.

The Beverly Wilshire, Rodeo Drive


We are also huge fans of the TV series "Lucifer". Rather niche this but the outside shots of the main characters residence are of a hotel in LA (the Sunset Tower Hotel on Sunset Boulevard) so we dropped by to grab a photo. Interestingly, the TV series actually adds a CGI spire to the roof!

Sunset Tower Hotel

The Sunset Tower Hotel AKA Lucifer's residence

Near the end of our trip we got to watch the  LA Kings play hockey against the Dallas Stars in the Staples Center - what a facility.

Staples Center, LA

The Home Of The LA Kings

In summary, we enjoyed our trip and we did some great things - we don't plan to go back but if we did we'd spend all our time on the Pacific Coast and probably at Zuma Beach.

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Lisa Britton 2 years, 7 months ago

Welcome - I am a California Girl and enjoyed your trip along the coast :)
LA is an experience in itself. - look forward to your journey

2 years, 7 months ago Edited