World Ocean Day (159/365)

by Rob Marson June. 08, 2019 114 views

One of my favourite photos that I've ever taken. Lucky enough to catch these dolphins "surfing" on the US West Coast. Sums up world ocean day - the vastness of the ocean stretching out in the background and three of it's occupants enjoying their environment undisturbed. Just as it should be.

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Russell Smith 6 months ago

Very sweet shot. Quite a serendipitous sighting .

6 months ago Edited
Rob Marson Replied to Russell Smith 6 months ago

Thanks Russell

6 months ago Edited
Sherry Hill 6 months ago

that is quite the photo.. i'd feel pretty lucky to catch such a cool thing too.. love it!

6 months ago Edited
Rob Marson Replied to Sherry Hill 6 months ago

Thanks Sherry, had to be quick with the camera to catch it - certainly counted myself as lucky.

6 months ago Edited