A busy few days- and a rant!

by Robert Moffat September. 10, 2008 3504 views

It has been a hectic few days! the weekend was knackering really and then Monday was complicated - but to cut through a lot of crap I went for a drink with the lovely lady who took over my last job from me and it was so very interesting to hear her complaining about the same things I used to complain about - and I thought - hey it's not just me - it really is them!
And that was good - very good.

Tuesday I was at work - meetings, but relative calm. Then in the evening my second Prom of the season - a poor show - only two but that is another rant! Not for now. Packed out was the Albert Hall for this was one of the hot tickets of this year's Proms - Haitink conducting the Chicago Symphony. The ticket touts (who are smartly dressed and in suits - it is the Proms) were out in force and a decent seat from one of them (I asked) would have set you back £100 as opposed to around£44. Strange programme though - Mozart piano concerto no 24 with Murray Perahia and then….. that extraordinary work - Shostakovitch's 4th Symphony.

Perahia was amazing - but his Mozart sounds like Rachmaninov - and was all to much to the fore for my taste - and the cut down band didn't really project in that great space.

But the audience had come for the Shostakovitch - all hour and ten minutes of it - its a piece of music that reminds me of some modern art - imagine lots of squiggles on a canvas - with little or no shape - well this extraordinary work is like that - themes, thoughts, sounds all come and go in a mess - its a triumph of virtuosity and in the hands of the 80 year old Haitink and this excellent orchestra quite an experience! Great!

And to an after party too and a chance to meet many of the players - and just a lovely evening - and an odd coincidence on the way back I bumped into one of the music critics I know well from my muso days and he only lives round the corner. Good news that too!

Now the Chicago are one of the world's best orchestras and they are very well resourced - 15 staff including their doctor. When I think of my past times and the nightmares I had in my last job touring an orchestra and choir all over Europe…….

Well - enough and anyway what's all this got to do with the picture you might ask?

This is the rant - switch off now! Sunday night in the pub with the lovely Leonie - and I see this - its the 7th of September and they have their bloody Christmas menus and leaflets out already - its mad! And this isn't the only place - I've seen others too - all exhorting us to celebrate Christmas and its still 15 weeks away - MADNESS!

Last year I was in France in late October and got worked up about Christmas lights being up early - but this really takes the biscuit - or should it be the turkey?

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Robinray 12 years, 9 months ago

Hilariously jolly blog! But a bit out of date, Bob... the big news is... EASTER is only 6 months away! Come on ladies, get those eggs out for the lads now! And don't forget Mothers' Day, Fathers' day, Valentine's day, Bill Gates' birthday...
Erm... the 4th was never my fave I'll admit.

12 years, 9 months ago Edited
Alexandra Pechabadens 12 years, 9 months ago

Sod christmas!!!

12 years, 9 months ago Edited
Jennye 12 years, 9 months ago

It's too early for me to think about Christmas!!!

12 years, 9 months ago Edited
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