Alternative lifestyles and their impact on normality

by Robert Moffat September. 12, 2008 3487 views

OK so my life = normality. That??s just to get things into perspective.

These past few days friends Leona and Tommy, who have stayed with me in the past very successfully, have arrived again, this time with their new assistant Natty. Leona and Tommy are Eco-warriors determined to save the planet through their own efforts in preventing deforestation in S America. They are dedicated, reasonably successful in that their charity now owns a large forest or two in Costa Rica and elsewhere and ?.

But they are not easy guests. First, failure to communicate things like when coming, and how long staying drive me mad! Second their ??alternative?? lifestyle extends to not really being used to living in ??normal?? households and to having to be politely reminded that leaving the kitchen with bits of half eaten vegetables and not washed cups and plates etc isn??t really on (and drives my house-mate apperplectic). Thirdly that being conscious of other peoples space when you are staying with them is important and finally that smoking weed all day long is not good for your health ?? or mine!

Actually it is amazing how many veggie warriors I know (and this lot are definitely in the warrior class) who can argue passionately about their lifestyle and how healthy it is and yet they smoke cigarettes and dope till it blunts the brain! This lot are not as bad as some of my acquaintances but I still find that - even though they do go into the garden - the dreaded smell of smoke permeates the house.

They are off soon ?? back to Ibiza and their campaigning to save the forest ?? and which I do agree with so much. They arrived from there having left their camper van to which they will return and begin the long drive back through Spain and France to Berlin and their bohemian lifestyle. To them that is ??normal??!

Anyway, their visit was interesting and it was good to see them. They reminded me of something someone said the other day when they were talking about people like me ?? who wears a suit to work ?? trying to save the planet. ??If we are to succeed in this it will take all of us, not just the eco warrior but the corporate men?. But how do we blend them together I wonder?? Difficult on this evidence!

And I still think Leona is the most amazingly calming and lovely person ?? and very pretty too ?? in spite of the dreads! Actually I was accused by Natty of having a fetish for Leona ?? I suppose I do ?? more so after Saturday, but that is another blog altogether!

Leona in my office at home.


Leona again!

Tommy, (who wont look at the camera!) Natty and Leona making posters for their information stand at the Night of the Senses.

My friends camper van (sorry about size), Creative, and fun! But maybe not for me, the man in the suit!!

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Kulifay Lã¡Szlã³ 9 years ago


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Péter Somogyvári 9 years ago

Amazing post! :)

9 years ago Edited
Alexandra Pechabaden 9 years ago

The van and their creativity is super though! They are such free spirits. They are an inspiration too! Vive the van!

9 years ago Edited
Jacki 9 years ago

Well I hope this was meant to be some what humorous, as it had me smiling & laughing. Right from the first photo in which your friend does indeed look a little out of things. Quite entertaining, very COLORFUL (in many ways) thanks for sharing.

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Shruti 9 years ago

this is life.excellent set

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Jennye 9 years ago

wow!! :))

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Tomie Poodle 9 years ago

not easy to live together....:(( more easy to sleep together...:))

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Alexandra Pechabaden 9 years ago

This says a lot of things that I couldn't voice. And wouldn't dare voicing. The cleanliness is the hardest one as far as hosting is concerned. Space and the rest maybe also...

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