Symi - Tholos - and a strange blue fish

by Robert Moffat September. 11, 2013 2335 views

Here we are at Tholos - we managed two meals here - it is an excellent restaurant with an amazing view.
And lots and lots of fish swimming around in the sea beside you. One of which we found really interesting a thin blue creature - any ideas?

Just as we arrived for our lunch the ferry which we were booked back on arrived to disgorge its day trippers!

Sam is being healthy!

lovely view

I am not being healthy! I love all the gastronomy in Greece but this is my Tholos favourite - a large meatball stuffed with cheese and its absolutely delicious!

OK here is the fish - bottom of picture - centre

and again

got to look really hard to see it in this one!

Sam fish watching!

Time for dessert - hard;y had room - but this walnut cake is a MUST!

back at the boatyard Lazy Days is still rotting quietly - I think I first saw this boat here in 2003 or 2004

Its the train again!

and here is the boat - but first we had to go back up oyr 146 steps - say goodbye to the little house and walk down them again!

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Jacki 7 years, 8 months ago

Maybe a needlenose fish?? It looks like those I've seen in Hawaii. I like the shots along the waterfront ... I didn't realize there was this walkway where boats tied directly up.

7 years, 8 months ago Edited