Fontaine de Vaucluse

by Robert Moffat August. 02, 2016 412 views

Fontaine de Vaucluse is 

the village - a delightful spot

Waterwheel at the old paper mill

the entrance to the fountain

Beaumes des venises

amazing food !

one of the most visited places in the Vaucluse district of France. We got the train to Avignon and then hired a car and drove to the car park so we could walk the rest of the way as in the summer months the streets of Vaucluse village are literally crowded and the souvenir shops come at you from all angles... 

Its a nice place though and in spite of the tourists well worth a visit.

The popularity of the village is essentially due to the  spring which flows out of the 230 m high cliff. This gigantic source is the most powerful on France and fifth in the world. 630 million cubic meters of water flow out every year.  No-one seems to know quite why this all happens and the river which flows through the village is notable for the waterwheels that have been there a very long time. One is at the old paper mill - still making paper the traditional way - fascinating.

Then we drove to Beaumes de Venise where we stained in a lovely restaurant with rooms - Relais des Dentilles.

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