Lindos to Symi

by Robert Moffat November. 02, 2016 1134 views

Sunday and we had to get up really early - but there was a consolation - the sun was just coming up.

So, after getting up early, driving to the airport, dropping off the hire car and getting a taxi to the harbour we still had time for breakfast in the lovely taverna at the entrance to the harbour where this car is parked so interestingly! 

Rhodes in the distance as we set off for Symi

And here we are at Panormitis - we always love coming this way and seeing the monastery

And now we are in Symi proper in Yialos but the part near Haritomeni and our absolutely wonderful little house. A contrast from the huge one we were in in Lindos but so lovely.

nice view too 

what a nice shelf! It had been a long day and this house is up 136 steps so we did not do too much but we did go out to the Trawler taverna in the evening and ate far too much for a very reasonable price! 

St Paul's Bay, Lindos

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