Symi - Nanou

by Robert Moffat November. 04, 2016 1361 views

On the taxi boat going past an unusually quiet harbour - where are the yachts and super gin palaces? 

Panagia Skidani - the boat we arrived on

Symi houses - so beautiful, Where we were staying is to the left of the cypress tree = the blue triangular roof. 

This is the very dramatic St Georges bay -  no taverna - no sunbeds its all BYO! 

On our way again

Goats - must be Nanou! 

So just what is in your handbag Samantha? 

New best friends! 

And this is Nano beach - magnificent! Great taverna too 

Magic!   That is Turkey in the distance btw. 

We may have just gone to the Vapouri bar that night - I think I remember going ...... !!

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