Symi - Kalistrata and Nimborio

by Robert Moffat November. 05, 2016 1036 views

Staying where we were in Pitini - the area by the petrol station and Haritomeni was a new venture for us. Normally we are over by the boat yard in Hirani and one of the strange things is that we hardly got over to our usual haunts as a result.  But we were closer to the Olive Tree....!

The Olive Tree is a wondrous place where you can meet lots of people and have delicious breakfasts and all sorts.  We love it there and it is a great way to start the day! 

But having gone up all those steps (actually we were half way up to start with) you have to go down again and here we are walking down the Kalistrata down to the harbour

These old ruins are so much a part of things that they take on a personality of their own.

This ruin is one of our favourites - it occupies a commanding position and it is such a shame it has not been restored.

Looking back - 

another imposing ruin

at the bottom of the Kalistrata are some lovely boutiques - and some lovely cats! 

Ready for lunch! but we have only just had breakfast 

The harbour was really quiet this year

and now we are past the Clock Tower and walking along - we will go round the corner and then along to the end of what you can see here before heading onwards to Nimborio

same view ! Always take too many.

Here we are past the beach and on our way to the little hamlet right at the end of this bay

having a rest! 

This is Nimborio - very tranquil compared to Symi harbour ..... bt are we too late for the taxi boat back??

Not only in time for taxi boat but for a beer too! 

Looking back


On the boat now  - glad not walking back! It's a long way.

Such a lovely place. 

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