Symi - cruise ship

by Robert Moffat November. 06, 2016 1074 views

WE came round the corner from Nimborio and were faced with this massive visitor - so out of scale with anything else. But it does bring revenue to the shops and bars ....

The big ship meant that out taxi boat went further over and hence picots of Symin's lovely houses - where we were staying is top right blue and white 

We had walked home now - and climbed up the 136 steps - always keeps you fit - and here is our visitor still dominating everything 

Looking the other way is much more tranquil! That little white building in the distance is a very lonely monastery with no access other than boat.

Looking across to Hirani - night is falling

Looking to the harbour and the cruise ship is a blaze of lights

But then it was gone and life and the view return to normal. 

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