Symi - more Marina and more food

by Robert Moffat November. 12, 2016 707 views

Our last full day in Symi. Action packed! 

Up early and off along the path towards the Kalistrata  -  what a view this is! 

Everywhere you go there are potential projects ..... if only we had the money!

Have you noticed wherever you go in Greece there are either cables or telegraph poles - all designed to spoil you picture! 

WE have not been to the Olive tree = had breakfast, collected a lovely Olive tree sandwich and are heading down the 372 steps to the harbour!

Phew....... caught the taxi boat! 

I just love this old boat with its proper rigging

Looking over - the reddish building is LOS - note more telegraph poles! 

The quay was ever so quiet this year and I know the businesses have suffered

I never get tired of this view

A lovely day at marina - eating our Olive Tree sandwiches

Back in the evening light (and after an ouzo or two!)  Just love that rigging!
Another cruise ship spoiling the view! 

Back at our little house night is falling

The church in Hirani is always lovely.

Now we are down the 136 steps that we had only just claimed up as we are off out to dinner somewhere very special! 

This is Muses and this is the most delicious starter - ever! We have this every time! We always go to Muses on our last night and this soup of potato with mushroom and poached egg is utterly delicious! 

Here we are - the town was pretty quiet - and we always have our 'usual' table! 

This is another favourite - scallops 

Now the two brothers who run Agia Marina also run this and Fernando who is the chef knows us and knows that Sam is veggie and made this specially for her.

me I am predictable - I like the fish! 

And this - well this is so amazing - it is asparagus ice cream and it is another thing we always have to have!   Next year Muses will be no more it will move itself to the beach and Agia Marina will be alive with diners long into the evening - I hope the asparagus ice cream moves too! 

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