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I am a retired ecologist who takes wildlife photos for fun. Many of the shots were taken in my back garden which we cultivate to promote biodiversity.

I have lived in coastal Sidmouth, Devon, UK, since 2006. Sidmouth is surrounded by the East Devon Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. We are close to Dartmoor and Exmoor National Parks.

I aim always to carry a camera when I travel and other parts of the UK are represented in my photos. I have also done wildlife safaris in various parts of the world, with a particular love for East Africa. Of those more later.

My photos are generally oportunist point and shoot pictures. They include macro and telephoto shots, plants and animals, from ants to whales.

In 2013 I was diagnosed with advanced prostate cance. My urologist suggested I might only have months to live. That might have been true without treatment. However, Royal Devon and Exeter Onocology Department have so far given me nearly 7 fit and active years.

I have said to myself since diagnosis 'enjoy what you have, don't worry about what you might miss'. I might have many happy years or, alternatively, be miserable with worry about the cancer. The former helps, the latter makes it worse.

As I write we are in the third week of lockdown, isolating ourselves as best we can from the virus. The cancer has lowered my red blood cell count and the medications I take lower my immune response. A second round of chemotherapy - the previous 3 years ago - will play havoc with my immune system. Lockdown is especially important for me.

Wildlife photography has become a passion with my retirement. Wildlife photography satisfies basic hunter-gatherer instincts, to understand animal behaviour, find, stalk and target your quarry, with the take-home results a camera full of harmless pictures. It offers huge challenges and much intellectual effort and is good therapy for forgetting the stresses of cancer.


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Camera Gear

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