studio re-builed

by John Waco Jr July. 19, 2018 431 views

So, for $3,000 a year (the cost of a full-frame camera) and all the studio equipment. I had premises that allowed me to make far more money than upgrading to the latest pro camera would. I have found that buying a good working space was the way to go it was worth to me. And this comes from someone who is fortunate enough to have access to some very exotic cameras, lenses, and lights. Over the years, I have put all of my spare time and money into making the studio an even more user-friendly space and buying some new equipment it’s taking a while. The biggest one is making sure that you can get a full-sized paper roll inside the space. I work predominantly with industry people. Having pristine bathrooms, changing rooms, etc. was high on my priority list. However, if you are working with families or private clients, having a warm, inviting space is important. You need nice bathrooms and well-lit changing facilities as well as a comfy space for the possible relatives of the subject to wait. We totally rebuild the inside and out of the building starting with the roof and working down.

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