Mamiya 7, (part two)

by John Waco Jr July. 27, 2018 938 views

This was my first experience with a Mamiya 7. On the top of the camera body is a dial to which the shutter speed an ISO can be set. Along with this, there is a stop meter to change the exposure, to over or under expose the image. Along with this, the hot shoe flash attachment is also found on the top of the body. To change the aperture, this is found on the lens ranging from f4 to f22. Mamiya 7 also has a timer. When focusing with the Mamiya 7, there is a ‘ghost image’ which will appear through the viewfinder. By adjusting the focus ring, it will bring these 2 images together therefore focusing the photo. In order to load the film, the back firstly has to be opened. The pressure plate in the back of the camera can be altered in accordance of the film being used. The more film there is the less pressure needs to be applied. To change this, the plate simply has to be turned with the white dots aligned to the correct size of film. To release the spool, there is an orange latch to press which releases it, allowing you to then move it to the opposite side. Following this, the film is put in and drawn across into the middle of the spool. This then has to be wound on until the arrows line up in the middle. Whilst doing so, the curtain in the camera needs to be closed whilst loading the film, which can be shut by turning the switch on the bottom of the camera. This also needs to be closed when changing the lens. Once the back is closed, the camera needs to be wound onto the first frame as well as releasing the curtain allowing you to begin shooting.

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