ground crews,at an airport

by John Waco Jr March. 02, 2019 116 views

There are several types of employees that make up the ground crew of an airport, from those unloading the baggage and cargo from planes to those working on the aircraft between flights. Although there are many hazards from fumes to falls in the ground area of an airport, one of the biggest dangers is being hit by one of the many vehicles that are jetting in and around in the planes.

An airport apron refers to the area where planes are parked to be loaded, unloaded and maintained between flights. While the planes are parked in the airport apron, ground crews quickly are running to and around the planes to re-fuel, do needed maintenance and unload or load the plane. There are also employees driving vehicles quickly to, from and around these planes that pose a risk to those that are working on foot.

There are several types of vehicles that can be driving through an airport apron, both road vehicles and ground support equipment for loading and moving planes. There are specific vehicles that pose a danger to ground workers. Time constraints tied to flight schedules create an urgency that are a factor in ground workers being struck by vehicles in the airport apron. Drivers of the vehicles and equipment can be focused on their destination and job instead of looking for ground workers. In addition, these vehicles can have poor visibility, both due to their design and weather or light conditions.

An entirely different rules of the road applies to how vehicles and other support machinery are to be operated at an airport and on a tarmac.

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