Minolta XK (XM, X1)

by John Waco Jr May. 09, 2019 555 views

If there’s one camera on my list with which we’re completely in love with, it’s this amazing machine from Minolta. The XK was Minolta’s answer to the Canon F1, and Nikon F, and in many ways it’s the better machine. For starters the build quality is about the best you’ll ever find in a Japanese SLR. This camera is solid, hefty, and tank-like. Every component was designed and built with the professional in mind, and no expense was spared. This is evidenced in the then state-of-the-art CLC metering system the horizontally-traveling titanium foil curtain shutter, and the 11 optional viewfinder/pentaprisms (some of which contained incredible technology for auto-exposures, and silicon photo cells).

Another reason I feel so strongly for the XK is the truly unbeatable Minolta lens system. From the start, Minolta’s prowess as an optics manufacturer was virtually unbeatable. Even today the Minolta’s MC and MD Rokkors outperform nearly everything from rival Japanese brands. With unbeatable sharpness, color, contrast, and bokeh, buying a Minolta camera is made better and better with every lens you purchase.

Though professionals seemed to have loved and appreciated the XK, the lack of advertising and high price made it difficult to sell to enthusiasts who may have only heard of the brand in passing. But as with all things, popularity doesn’t directly correlate to quality, and the XK is simply amazing i love it.

Today it’s still an expensive camera, but it’s worth every penny. If you value ultimate quality, this is your best bet.

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