“Moving to Hollywood”

by John Waco Jr July. 17, 2019 143 views

“Moving to Hollywood” question with a definitive YES. But you don’t really know this until you’re here. Within the first week, you will see your doppelganger, a lot. You will overhear conversations too. Literally everywhere you go, someone is talking movies or “the industry is deeper than you know you’re just a small fish in a big pond. No matter where you are in the world, Hollywood represents a much bigger game. And the only thing that differentiates you from the gazillion other Hollywood hopefuls is the work. Nothing matters more than actually picking up a camera and making something – Anything.

Everybody in Los Angeles is competing to find someone (or some studio) willing to back their movie project. Can you imagine a town where your waiter is an aspiring actor, your cable guy is an aspiring screenwriter and your taxi driver is an aspiring producer? Hollywood is saturated with an over-supply of willing, talented, aspiring workers. And they are all waiting for their big break.

On the other-hand, if you live in small town and you have good material and ambition, you’re in luck. If you can get past the fact that all your non-filmmaker friends think you’re crazy, you can build a team, find cheap locations (and other resources, including free food) and you can take action.

my parents first home

my parents first home

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