Zess Ikon Super B,Carl Zeiss Tessar lens.

by John Waco Jr September. 28, 2019 84 views

Compared to the 10.1262, the 10.1272 still has the photographic exposure meter with selenium whose measures are readable of figures on the hood and in the viewfinder. It will be the last Contaflex with selenium cell.

It profits moreover automatic control of the exposure.

It will have produced until 1968, and it should be noted that the two models thus cohabited, the Super B being to some extent the rise in range of the Super.

They will be replaced in 1970 by the Super BC, first model with CDS cell TTL, therefore requiring the use of a battery for the supply. a front cell interchangeable 50/2.8 Carl Zeiss Tessar lens.

Also included are two Pro-Tessars Carl Zeiss lenses, the 35mm f/4 and 115mm f/4.

Beyond the performances, these cameras are splendid pieces of heavy metal, with the perfect finishing, but of which limited technical choices (central shutter, interchangeability of lenses, etc….), will leave a boulevard to all the roller-blind shutter reflex cameras which was broke when I got it. It’s now fixed and working well.

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