The Nikon 35Ti is a high quality 35mm point and shoot camera.

by John Waco Jr January. 22, 2020 335 views

The Nikon 35Ti is a high quality 35mm point and shoot camera that was marketed towards high society folks through the 1990s. It came out in 1993, and was very expensive for back then, almost $1000; that’s about $1800 in 2018! This little camera had some impressive features for a pocket camera; such as six-segment 3D matrix metering, 833 step active infrared auto focusing, a titanium body, and a superb 35mm F/2.8 six element lens. If you want a wider lens, check out the 28mm version here.

I’ve had this camera since about 2002 and use it quite often when traveling; it’s small and never gets in the way, plus I know all the pics will come out good. For those of you that want a pocket point and shoot camera capable of taking razor sharp pictures, and getting properly exposed slide film; this is your dream come true!!

With the introduction out of the way, let’s check out the Nikon 35Ti specs.

Name; Nikon 35Ti Quartz Date

Manufactured by; Nikon Corporation, Tokyo, Japan.

Date of manufacture; 1993.

Price; originally retailed around $1000 new, street prices were less, as well as mail order places like B&H Photo. A 1999 photo magazine ad showed a price of $649.

Build material; appears to be mostly metal with a quality fit and finish.

Box contents; Soft case, instruction manual in multiple languages, and strap.

Weight; camera only, 10.9oz (310g),

Dimensions; 4.7″ (118mm) wide, 2.6″ (66mm) tall, and 1.4″ (36mm) deep.

Focal length; 35mm.

Aperture; F/2.8-F/22 automatically or manually set.

ISO; 25-5000 DX coded. Non DX film automatically set to 100.

Focusing distance; 16″ to infinity, or 0.4m to infinity.

Viewfinder; bright and clear, but frame lines are hard to see unless you’re in bright light; however, a red light comes on in low light when you half press the shutter button. It also has auto parallax correction using different frame lines for close focus, slightly longer focus, and longer distances; plus, panorama mode too; all appearing magically when you focus within those distances. More items in the viewfinder are the shutter speed, metering mode, EV compensation active only, not set value, flash indicator, and ‘H’ for too bright warning, or ‘L’ for not enough light. You can customize the viewfinder to your heart’s desire if you feel like screwing around with the tiny buttons all day.

Lens; 35mm F/2.8; multi-coated 6 elements in 4 groups, symmetrical Double-Gauss design.

Shutter and speed; automatic between the lens 7 blade aperture; electromagnetic shutter, 2 seconds to 1/500 sec in ‘P’ mode at small apertures, and a maximum of 1/250 in ‘A’ mode. Has a ‘LT’ mode which works like bulb mode for up to 10 minutes.

Features; 3D six segment matrix metering. Full program auto mode, aperture priority, and longtime mode up to 10 minutes. Exposure compensation in +2EV, -2EV in 1/3 stop increments. Anytime fill flash, Red eye reduction, slow sync uses anytime fill flash, auto, and flash off options. Mid roll rewind. Ten second self-timer.

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Gone Fishing Without A Pole 1 year, 6 months ago

A very interesting assortment of images combined with an interesting narrative on the 35ti- I assume all the images were shot with the pocket 35ti?

1 year, 6 months ago Edited
John Waco Jr Replied to Gone Fishing Without A Pole 1 year, 6 months ago

I think so all the negs came from the one folder marked. (The
Nikon 35Ti).

1 year, 6 months ago Edited