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Norita bodies bear no faceplate name, although on the back are the words “NORITA KOGAKU MADE IN JAPAN”. The two types of prism and the waist-level finder bear the logo “NORITA” or (in the USA) “GRAFLEX NORITA”. However, boxe sand some literature bear the logo “NORITA 66” or “GRAFLEX NORITA66”. The Norita was designed on the same principles as the Pentacon Six: to be a 6 × 6 (2¼ square) Medium Format camera that handled like a 35mm SLR. In fact, some would claim that it was inspired by – or even copied from – the Pentacon Six and Praktisix, which had first appeared about 13 years earlier (Praktisix 1957, Norita, early 1970s). However, its supporters would claim that the design of the Norita was an improvement on the Pentacon Six. Let us compare them. The Norita was originally marketed as the Rittreck (or Warner Rittreck in the USA), but apart from a few cosmetic details (difference of name plate, chrome instead of black standard lens), this was essentially the same as the Norita. It was very much in the style of the 1970s Japanese 35mm SLRs, and included some improvements on the Praktisix/Pentacon Six:

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Berckmans Peter 9 months ago

The results are great.

9 months ago Edited
John Waco Jr Replied to Berckmans Peter 9 months ago

Good old, faster ISO 200 versions of Kodachrome were sold from 1986
through to 2007, I still some in stock.

9 months ago Edited