Exakta..it still works..just look!

by John Waco Jr June. 15, 2020 110 views

For last two to three week, I have been cleaning out my old workshop. It was my Father's house, in Lake Arrowhead before it was mine and it meant going through some of his old cameras. He was a very good stills and cine, photographer he got into photography and cine very early round the 1940s, so the collection of vintage cameras goes way back..

The Kine was the first 35 mm single-lens reflex (SLR), in form the Kine is more or less an Exakta 127 scaled to take 35 mm cine film, the mechanism though is totally different and much more complicated. Despite the film size being much smaller the overall camera size is about the same as the 127 models. Although the Kine introduced no unique features it is a landmark in camera history. The combination of 35 mm film, reflex viewing, interchangeable lens and focal-plane shutter started a class of camera that lasted up to the electronic age. The camera itself, though, was not imitated; the mechanism for the slow speeds and delayed action had to be placed each side of the top plate and the Kine took on a left-handed aspect. This basic arrangement remained throughout the many Exakta models that were to follow. Most subsequent 35 mm SLRs derived their layout from the Praktiflex of 1939 and the post-war Contax.

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beautiful camera

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