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Posh, quiet and residential, Neuilly-sur-Seine is a suburb on the western boundary of Paris. While the area itself remains low-key it is within walking distance or a swift Métro ride from sights, museums and parks that the whole world knows and loves. The 17th, 16th and 8th Arrondissements border Neuilly-sur-Seine, which puts the Arc de Triomphe, Musée Marmottan, Parc Monceau and a whole lot more within your grasp. And when the day is done, and you’ve had your fill of culture, dining and nightlife, you can retreat from the hectic city and to your peaceful home from home by the Seine.

Although Neuilly-sur-Seine is a great place to live for its low crime, stylish shops, dining and upmarket ambience, there isn’t a whole lot for tourists to sink their teeth into. But on a casual walk around the area you’ll find enough to keep you enthused for a while if you’re interested in its past. The Château de Neuilly was the preferred residence of Louis-Philippe I during the July Monarchy, but was destroyed in the French Revolution of 1848 and the enormous grounds were divided into seven boulevards and nine streets.

If the weather’s okay you could easily walk from the east side of Neuilly-sur-Seine along Avenue de la Grande Armée to one of the world’s iconic landmarks. The Arc de Triomphe, if you don’t already know, is a titanic triumphal arch modelled on the Arch of Titus in Rome. It was begun in 1806 and finally inaugurated 30 years later to honour the French people who died in the Revolutionary War and Napoleon’s various campaigns. Get up close to view the reliefs of the battles, check out the tomb of the Unknown Soldier and go to the roof to gaze down each of the 12 radiating avenues.

Often regarded as the most affluent city in France, Neuilly-Sur-Seine is located next to the equally prestigious 16th arrondissement. Bordering the Bois de Boulogne, Neuilly-sur-Seine features attractive green areas, schools of high repute and prestige properties. The upscale commune epitomises the essence of French elegance, with refined properties just walking distance from the bustling Parisian neighbourhoods. As a result, the area is now composed of mostly wealthy, discerning residents, and is the headquarters of many corporations.

Normally layovers are short (a few hours) but sometimes layovers are longer or even overnight layovers. Some people like to find flights with long layovers, especially if it’s during the day. Long layover flights allow passengers to exit at the intermediate airport and visit the city. My first stopover in Paris was in 1989 when a came to stay with my friend in Neuilly, Paris. My stopover is a long break in a flight itinerary (ie. to refuel), but it does not imply any change of plane. This stopover was for 48 hours. I also early that year I had been invited by Mireille to join her at the at the funeral of Johnny Stark who died on the April 24, 1989. Johnny Stark had been Mireille manger and friend for the very begging.

Abounding in exclusive mansions, Neuilly-sur-Seine has long been a preserve of expatriates, but the majority of buyers are still French, including business executives, top government officials such as former president Nicolas Sarkozy (who was mayor for nearly 20 years before turning to national politics) and entertainment figures. There has been intense interest in Neuilly-sur-Seine real estate from American, Brazilian and Middle Eastern buyers in the past couple of years. They are drawn by Neuilly’s reputation for safety and green space, as well as the large number of substantial houses. For those who demand the finest, this elegant mansion offers sheer distinction and luxury, which exudes an air of respectability and refinement. Discretely set behind gates, the classically designed villa enjoys an exclusive address in Neuilly-sur-Seine, with access to the Bois de Boulogne.

Originally built in the 1860s and once the home of Vincent Van Gogh’s younger brother, here is a property with an undeniably historic pedigree. Celebrating timeless aesthetics, the interior of the wonderful family townhouse reflects superb taste and first-class style. Meticulously restored and beautifully modernised for contemporary living, the fine private mansion is blessed with exquisite period detailing and a host of gracious classic features. Elegantly decorated, the superior property boasts the charm, authenticity and nobility of its time. The beauty of the design evokes effortlessly sophisticated comfort.

The historic French townhouse opens onto its own 350m2 private garden, a real rarity in Paris. It provides the perfect setting for enjoying that sought after al fresco lifestyle. Uniquely, all the views from inside the residence are of the wonderful garden. With an address of choice for an elevated approach to sophisticated city living, this luxurious private mansion is a distinctive marriage of historic allure and supreme comfort that is ideally suited to today’s lifestyle.

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