Private Gardens of Paris, (part one)

by John Waco Jr October. 14, 2020 81 views

I did this in 2002with when I met up my friend and we set off to walk through some of the hidden gardens of Paris. Care to stroll through the hidden gardens of Paris without leaving your home? Private Gardens of Paris by Alexandra D’Arnoux, Bruno De Laubadére, and Gilles De Chabaneix will take you behind gates and walls to uncover the secrets of some of the city’s most exclusive sanctuaries.

In comparison with other major European capitals, Paris is often accused of lacking in green space. London, Amsterdam, and Bucharest all have oodles of parks in comparison with the French capital. But what Paris lacks in green space, it makes up for in terms of rich history and an unparalleled number of hidden gems around the city, including old parks, and even older plants. And so I set off. Out to find it. In search of the oldest hidden gardens in Paris.

Paris just passed a new law that allows anyone to plant an urban garden within the city’s limits. Upon receiving a permit, gardeners can grow plants on walls, in boxes, on rooftops, under trees, or on fences. They can cultivate greenery in front of their homes or offices. They can grow flowers, vegetables, and fruit. Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo’s goal is to create 100 hectares of living walls and green roofs by the year 2020, with one-third of that greenery dedicated to agriculture.

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