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by John Waco Jr December. 11, 2020 110 views

Layovers in Miami are increasingly common, and completely manageable with a bit of pre-planning. If you’re looking at more than five hours, consider dropping your bags at a storage space and setting out to explore ‘The Magic City’ – also known as the informal ‘Capital of Latin America’.

Layovers- people outside of the airline industry have a curiosity, questioning what happens on these overnight trips. Just as many seem to believe that being a flight attendant is glamorous, they’ve also made up scenarios of what a cabin crew members’ lives are like when away. But this life has to include hookups with hot foreigners, or the gorgeous captain, right!?! Partying nights away in exotic locales, and exploring cities with flair and fascination? All done during that 48-hour rest period, yes?

Finding that gorgeous captain is a rarity, and 48-hour rest periods are even more scarce. Don’t get me wrong, there are exceptions to the rule, and some flight attendants and pilots do enjoy a dazzling flying life, but that’s more likely the case for those that have been employed for over 30 years, or if the individual works for a major International carrier, like United Airlines, for example. The era of extended rest for flight attendants and pilots to play, has changed. Nowadays, what is most common, is for airline crews to fly, with barely enough time after arriving at a destination to grab a bite to eat, before crashing, getting five hours of sleep, if that, and waking up, body and mind fighting the different time zone, taking a plane of passengers to another place.

With fears of civil unrest in some cities growing, United Airlines is temporarily moving its flight crews from downtown hotels to airport hotels in some US cities. And it’s not just United Airlines keeping a close eye out for potential trouble. Other US airlines are assessing the situation and will shift crews to safer locations if unrest breaks out.

Saying the hotel changes were precautionary and temporary, United Airlines said it would impact crews staying over in certain (not all) cities. The impacted cities include Seattle, Washington, Denver, Chicago, Philadelphia, Atlanta, and Portland.

Airlines like United usually have arrangements with several hotels in layover cities. It gives the airline some flexibility in situations like this. On a day to day basis, being able to access different hotels offers the airline the ability to tailor crew layover arrangements. For example, a crew doing a 12-hour layover might normally use a neigh boring airport hotel. A crew coming off an intercontinental flight and heading off for a 36-hour layover might be moved away from the airport.

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