The Hague, the Saire valley.

by John Waco Jr February. 10, 2021 95 views

The Hague is located in Normandy, and is a destination very much appreciated by families my and friends who want to have a relaxing time between the land and the sea. With nature walks, boat rides or wild sites to discover, anything is possible here.

The Cotentin welcomes you all year round in The Hague, the Saire valley, Cherbourg, the Côte des Isles, the Normandy Landing Beaches as well as in the Cotentin marshlands. Come and visit these must-see destinations at the heart of nature in the Cotentin, which are waiting for you, ready to welcome you with open arms and to surprise and seduce you.

Cotentin tourism proposes a range of tourism professionals in our beautiful area. Our mission is to help you prepare your stay in Cotentin, Normandy. We can advise you about finding a hotel or restaurant in Cherbourg en Cotentin, a camping site in the Val de Saire or near the Normandy landings or an outing as a family or in a couple near Cherbourg (Ludiver, the Cité de la Mer or the Maison du Biscuit) or simply help you discover the historic sites of Cotentin, Normandy.

This time, however, I'm determined to explore the Cotentin Peninsula, a beautiful yet often overlooked coastal gateway to France, at a much slower and more leisurely pace. It's a decision rewarded in spades. The Cotentin, also known as the Cherbourg Peninsula, is perched on the country's northwest coast, fronting the English Channel on three sides and Brittany to its southwest.

Ferry-loads of tourists funnel into the major cross-channel port of Cherbourg each day, jump into rental cars, and just as quickly drive south to warmer, ritzier and more alluring climes. Savvier travellers, on the other hand, know that just outside this somewhat dour-looking harbour city is a beguiling coastal landscape awash with glorious beaches, patchwork farmlands, historic chateaux and gardens, storied World War II history and delicious locally sourced seafood, cheeses and nectar-coloured cider.

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