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Fiumicino Airport is the most important hub in Italy but few people know that, in a special area, the Guardia di Finanza (an Italian Law enforcment corp force under the authority of the Minister of Economy and Finance) keeps all the “strange” stuff passengers try to import…
It was not an easy photo assignement (the quality of shots is not the best) but it helped to publish a reportage on the left out parts of the airport

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  • # Dadlak

    some serious weaponry in #4...and an alligator...wow!

    2008.04.26 Edited

  • # Sandra

    great reportage!

    2008.04.22 Edited

  • # Mei-Ling

    Oh oh, some devilish weapons in No: 4...

    2008.04.21 Edited

  • # Laura

    It must have been a very succesfull reportage! the photos are very lively!

    2008.04.20 Edited

  • # Vane

    Very interesting photos. Say it all for themselves. Very good set!

    2008.04.20 Edited

  • # Glennis

    Interesting! The things people put in their cases!!!

    2008.04.20 Edited

  • # Mario Jean

    Wow! What an interesting reportage.
    So people bring crocs in the airport there? ; )
    I love the light and perspectives of the first shot.

    2008.04.20 Edited

  • # Maria

    strange but intresting set!

    2008.04.20 Edited

  • # Hasnae

    I find that the photograph of the crocodile is odd

    2008.04.20 Edited

  • # Mireia*

    Muy interesante...se esconde todo un mundo detrás de los aeropuertos

    2008.04.20 Edited

  • # Mertxe

    well it is incerdible
    but so strange we are
    nice set

    2008.04.20 Edited

  • # David Cardona

    Great illustrated report! Thanks for sharing!

    2008.04.20 Edited

  • # Bhim

    interesting !
    set with info.

    2008.04.20 Edited

  • # Lotofoto

    Very interesting.
    I'd love to hear more about your job.

    2008.04.20 Edited

  • # Mb1981

    Maybe the alligator is supposed to be a gift for a wedding anniversary from a loving husband....poor wife ;)
    I wish to be there so I can check stuff out

    2008.04.20 Edited

  • # Mafalda

    Its sometimes hard to believe how people can be so ingorant by transporting the strangest things :-))

    fabulous post

    2008.04.19 Edited

  • # Marla K


    2008.04.19 Edited

  • # Jack


    2008.04.19 Edited

  • # Tim

    I would love to work there heheh, im always curious about the things people take inside suitcases!!

    2008.04.19 Edited

  • # Persi Burzo

    strange indeed :)... good choice of the bw :)

    2008.04.19 Edited

  • # Tom

    Very interesting assignment, looks like a crazy place, people are so amazing in the stuff they try or think they can get away with

    2008.04.19 Edited

  • # Jacki

    WOW, what an interesting assignment! And what a crazy looking place! I think you did great! It's exactly what you were looking to show, it's not YOUR fault that it's a little "strange"!

    2008.04.19 Edited

  • # Christelle

    nice shot !!!
    very intringuing !!!

    2008.04.19 Edited