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The Green Ray (French: Le Rayon vert) is a 1986 film by Éric Rohmer. It is named for the novel of the same name by Jules Verne. It was shot in France on 16mm film and much of the dialogue is improvised.
The movie opens at the start of Delphine's summer vacation. Her travel companion has ditched her and she mopes around Paris, depressed and self-pitying. Her friends urge her to get out there and meet new people. She visits several locations, but can never seem to find what she wants: happiness and true love. At Biarritz train station she meets a young man who is travelling to Saint-Jean-de-Luz. She goes with him and together they fall in love in front of the warm glow of sunset; and le rayon vert (the Green flash).
The film won the Golden Lion at the 1986 Venice Film Festival.

Twilight on the road from Torvajanica to Ostia

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  • # Andrea

    questa è proprio bella...
    ottima la tonalità del colore del cielo

    2008.10.05 Edited

  • # Nayah

    Wonderful shot! And that movie sounds really interesting!

    2008.10.03 Edited

  • # Tim

    second time in the day I hear talking about the green ray, had no idea about it,,will open my eyes more often I think.

    2008.10.03 Edited

  • # Roberto

    Not l' I have seen this movie, but the photo is wonderful!

    2008.10.03 Edited

  • # Jody Moore

    Beautiful picture, I love it!

    2008.10.03 Edited

  • # Maria

    So lovely. Nice story. :)

    2008.10.03 Edited

  • # David Cardona

    sUpErb! Nice composition and lighting!

    2008.10.03 Edited

  • # Rodolphe Eneida

    What a magical atmosphere and superbly composed. A pleasure

    2008.10.03 Edited

  • # Carol

    ............splendid post..............as awlays............

    2008.10.02 Edited

  • # Letrato

    nice capture

    2008.10.02 Edited

  • # Storytaylor

    wow, wow. and about the "la vie en rouge", could I see some work here in the photoblog? tell me please.

    2008.10.02 Edited

  • # Avalon

    Lovely... (:

    2008.10.02 Edited

  • # Jack

    Wow.... this is Beautiful :-)... added to my favorites!!

    2008.10.02 Edited

  • # Tom

    [b]Beautiful shot, nice reportage on the movie :)[/b]

    2008.10.02 Edited

  • # Sirsanya

    as always great!! Man!!

    2008.10.02 Edited

  • # Peregol

    No, non l'ho visto.......

    2008.10.02 Edited

  • # Leocheung

    I've not seen the movie.....the picture is fantastic. So is the film I think:))

    2008.10.02 Edited

  • # Jennye

    OMG!!! this is such a beautiful sunset!! added to my favorites!!
    ....I have never seen the film, but it sounds great!! I will have to find it! :))

    2008.10.02 Edited

  • # **Wendy**

    Beautiful! The composition is very good.

    2008.10.02 Edited