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On September 8, 1943, during World War II, the Armistice with Italy, signed on September 3, between Italy and the Allied armed forces, who were then occupying the southern half of the country, was publicly declared entailing the capitulation of Italy. It is also referred to in Italy as the Armistizio di Cassibile (from the place in which it was signed) or the Armistizio dell'8 Settembre (more simply 8 Settembre).
Today, a huge fire took place at the German War Cemetery in Pomezia (Rome): it surely is a coincidence

Firemen at work in the War Cemetery of Pomezia (Rome)

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  • # Muccina

    really interesting post! And good shot!

    2009.09.16 Edited

  • # Tom

    Thanks Marco for the reportage and shot, I have to agree too it sure is a coincidence

    2009.09.09 Edited

  • # Jennye

    great post!

    2009.09.09 Edited

  • # Livelovelaugh

    My parents were in southern Italy during that time. My mother remembers well. I don't believe in coincidences. Great post! :)

    2009.09.09 Edited

  • # Finbarr

    nice shot !!

    2009.09.08 Edited

  • # Kate

    Great work...informative post...interesting 'coincidece' Hope everyone was ok

    2009.09.08 Edited

  • # Jack

    Great work my friend :)

    2009.09.08 Edited