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From the age of fourteen I have been an enthusiastic photographer and the passion for the image lured me away from a destined diplomatic career, though my classical studies are apparent in my speech and writing.
In 1975 I was one of the founders of the Italian Section of Amnesty International and I started to work on refugees looking for support and right of asylum: at that time I was dealing with the Foreign Affairs Department and Italian Police to rescue several Eritrean students and Russian dissenters (as Leonid Pliusc, the famous mathematician). In 1978 I was elected as Chief of the Italian Executive Committee and I worked extensively, inter alia, on the Aldo Moro kidnapping.
In 1981 I opened the first gallery of original posters of contemporary art in Rome. "L'Image" soon became the meeting-place for artists and photographers of the city; a special corner was completely dedicated to young photographers to expose their works.
In New York, in 1983/85 I worked in fashion photography at the Phototecniques City Lights Studio. This inspired my interest in portrait studies. In Los Angeles I attended courses at the Santa Monica College and produced the portfolio "All the lonely people."
In 1990 I flew to Pakistan to interview and photograph Benhazir Bhutto. Shortly after I was the first western press-photographer to enter Baghdad at the beginning of the Gulf Crisis. I produced exclusive work that was published by the most important international journals (THE INDEPENDENT, THE GUARDIAN, THE EXPRESS, LIBERATION, NEWSWEEK, STERN and all the Italian newspapers and magazines). Subsequently, my work with show business and cultural celebrities was published by Gente, Amica, Epoca, Oggi, Moda, Gioia, L'Espresso, Grazia, Panorama, and L’Europeo.
In 1991 I founded and produced a weekly magazine (“Metropolit”) and started to inquire on the corruption of politicians better known as “Mani Pulite”.
In 1992, I was the first photographer to take pictures of the arrest of a politician while he was accepting a bribe; those pictures where published on the most important Italian newspapers and magazines. I developed my work and realized reportage on social diseases as HIV, usury, and young crime…
By 1994, I was called to produce and direct the local daily TV news (Channel 10). In few weeks I reached a large audience and Channel 10 started to be considered as the point of reference about all the area of Rome towards the coast.
Also during this time I further developed my technique in portraiture and in writing. I have enjoyed new interests, working behind the television-camera on promotional documentaries and journalistic services.
In addition to my work in journalism, I have been called by the Domestic Affair Department to teach Theory and Techniques of the Mass Media at the High School of the Administration of Domestic Affairs in Rome.
Currently I’m working as a freelance photojournalist for Corriere della Sera, as media consultant for some selected clients and I’m still working on portraiture and reportage.
Despite all the above I'm only 54 years old…


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