The best way to say goodbye to 2006 - MSPOT flights!

by Rui Alves - Madeira Spotters December. 31, 2006 9317 views

One year latter, finally the 2006 Edition report!

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TB10 ready for backtrack on rwy 23

"Santa Cruz"

"Santa Cruz" city in more detail

This was our view while flying close to "Porto Novo". 3 Jetskys enjoying the sunny day… May this be their "best way to say goodbye to 2006"? Probably yes!

Trying to look back. If you try hard you can see the airport on the right side and on the top right, "Caniçal" and "Ponta de São Lourenço".

Funchal city bay overview

Flying near "Caniço" and "Garajau"

Detail of the road access to "Garajau" beach. This shape was typical in Madeira Island and denotes the pedestrian tracks used several years ago! When you have mountain, as we do, you need to overcome the nature barriers… Near the beginning of the road you can find a huge statue of Christ, quite to similar to that world wide know in Brazil, the 1º Wonder of the world, after the 2007 election, held in Lisbon, Portugal.

Several Cruises waiting for mid-night.

Our Tobago flying direct to Funchal harbour.

Funchal city overview. The Yellow building, on the bottom right, is called "Forte de São Tiago" and was used as a fortress. On the opposite side of the beach, the Balloon, destroyed since them due to bad weather conditions :(

The harbour

Flying above "AIDAblu"

Near "Ponta da Cruz", this shot try to show you the city from the west side.

Fuel refueling

"Socorridos" Bridge

"Camara de Lobos" city and the old boat named "Santa Maria". In portuguese this boat type is called "Nau", sorry, I don't know it's name in English :(

"Girão" Cape

"Fajã dos Frades". This is a private terrain, but you can go there using an elevator or by boat, there's no car access to it. The elevator is the "white line" on the rocks :)

This is the most complex traffic node in Madeira, in "São Martinho". On the top, from center to right, you can see the Olympic swimming pools, the grey building.

"Madeira Shopping Center"

Over flying "Praia Formosa". This unlevelled photo was due to an unexpected aircraft turn but I decided to publish it to show how close you have Funchal city harbour (look for cruises, is there!) and this beach.

Closer look to "forum" zone

Last turn near Funchal, is time to come back and land.

Airport overview while we fly to land in rwy 23. Photo credit to Bruno Caires. In this moment I was busy… :)

And that's all. "Vacate via Bravo", ordered the ATC.
Thank you Herculano!

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