The best way to say goodbye to 2007 - MSPOT flights!

by Rui Alves - Madeira Spotters December. 31, 2007 8617 views

Madeira Spotters (MSPOT) use to celebrate the last day of each year overflying Funchal Harbour, city and souroundings.
The harbour always have several cruises waitting for mid-night, this year they were 12 and carryed around 13.000 tourists to Madeira.
Hotels in Madeira use to be fully booked in this season and 2 years ago, the fireworks received the Guiness World Record!
Check it over the internet ;)

All these flights are organized in colaboration with “Aeroclube da Madeira”. Thank you! :)

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Holding on taxiway Bravo while another B752 land on rwy 23

Airborn after take-off on rwy 23.

My home town! Santa Cruz city :)
To name some subject: Hotel "Vila Gale", the beach, the highway (top right of the photo, the big bridge), the old church and, somewhere, my house! :P

Our flight to Funchal Harbour allowed us to spot both cruises and the boats used during the fireworks (12 in total in this photo).

Funchal city overview from 2500 fts (~760 meters)

OK… let's prepare to overfly the harbour

Funchal down-town

On the bottom we can see the Hospital's Heliport, on the top the mountains and a bit bellow the highway.

Flying West we quickly reached "Camara de Lobos".

"Camara de Lobos" city center and his natural harbour. This is mainly a fisherman's town.

After flying leveled to "Cabo Girão" (~560 meters high), we turned back to Funchal.

Here we have flown around 1000 feet (~330 meters), when we spot the beach called "Praia Formosa".

Some cruises do not found room to "park" on the harbour so they have to wait outside. On the background there are 3 Islands, called "Desertas". All of them belong to Madeira Autonomous Region, but they are not inhabited. They are part of a natural park.

"Desertas" (on the horizon), 3 cruises (right side of the photo) and 4 fireworks boats (left side of the photo).

Let's turn again to Funchal, let's overfly the cruises again… but now closer! :)

Funchal Harbour. 4 Boats parked. The smaller one (top left) is a ferryboat and is called "Lobo Marinho". It is used to connect Madeira and "Porto Santo" Islands every day.

Smaller boats also visible

If you are planning to visit Madeira this way… take a look what you can afford! :)

Yacht and smaller boats. On top left you can see the Beatles boat.

Another passage

Funchal city north view

A closer look on the highway: Madeira orography does not help the men very much… so to build this highway they have to build bridges and tunnels.

"Quinta Magnolia" and surroundings.


Flying around 500 feet (~150 meters), even if I was using a 18-55 lense, it was possible to spot cruises really close! :)

City overview

City overview.

Final to rwy 05.

Short final to land, rwy 05.
Our Piper 28-180 Cherokee (CS-AIC), dated from 1969, is an excelent aircraft! We all enjoy this trip very much!

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Jacki 12 years, 1 month ago

WOW... this was a GREAT set.... I loved it! Not a view I've ever seen so well!

12 years, 1 month ago Edited
Jorge Abreu 12 years, 1 month ago

Nice! It's hard to get focused pictures with glass in front, and you managed to get them all focused!

12 years, 1 month ago Edited
Kopacz Andras 12 years, 1 month ago

Very good pictures, I like them!

12 years, 1 month ago Edited