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by Rui Alves - Madeira Spotters January. 12, 2008 6007 views

All main european cities have a subway system, some of them mainly thinked to be purely functional, others have added an extra… In Paris you have a complex metro system, with some art spead along the stations. In Moscow, beside the functionality, the stations are planned for mobility and they have non usual lights, paintings, and lots, but a really mean, LOTS of people moving around!
All these shots were made without a tripod, hand held and using high ISO values, so some noise is visible and the brightness is not the best but, even so, I think you'll like to spot it from my photoblog! :)

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Let’s dive into the Moscow Metro system. The stairs are fully automated. The climb up to the exit is sharp, I mean with an angle bigger than 45 degrees.

Always lots of people moving around.

Moscow stations have a central part that enables you to move from one direction to another. If you miss one station, you just have to exit and cross to the other side of the platform in order to go back. It's conceived for mobility and simplicity. Well done!!

Lights detail. Where can you find something like this on another metro system around the world?

Art work

From the central platform, in order to enter the metro composition you just have to cross these arcs.

Some of the stations are brighter than others, but the architecture, the way it's built is always the same but even so, beauty and functional!

Another perspective in order to show better the access to the metro platform

There's no way to miss it! In each station you have it written. Well… if you don't know Russian and don't have a map with the Cyrillic words… get prepared for the adventure!:)

The metro platform and tunnel. If you check over the tunnel, you have a clock and a timer. The right one, the timer, is showing 1:32. Yes, it means that within 1 minute and 32 seconds you'll have another one. I've never waited more than 2 minutes to pick the metro, so, don't run to enter the metro, you'll have another one shortly!

Another metro platform detail. In summer, Moscow girls wear short clothes…

Some stations have where to seat near the columns that support the platform arcs. The decoration is everywhere.

1945. Can you guess that this is all about? These colors have a big visual effect when you are on the platform.

When you have stations with connections to another lines, it's always signed where you can move to or where you can not, as depicted in this photo. In these cases these accesses only flow in one way, since you have millions of persons daily in this metro, it makes sense to be like this!

The platforms were clean and always have police men’s moving around and sometimes asking tourists to present their passports and authorizations to be in Russia.

The art work in some stations is really amazing and covers all the platform surface except the ceiling :)

Does Moscow have Communism ghosts yet?

Park Pobedy (Парк победы) - The Vitory Park, as far as Wikipedia says: "At 84m underground, it is the deepest station in Moscow. It also contains the longest escalators in Europe, each one is 126 metres long and has 740 steps. The ride to the surface takes approximately three minutes." :)

Wide, symmetric but without all that art work found in older stations… Clean and shinning! Notice the reflections :)

Blurry shot :( But I want to show the art work.

OK, it's time to exit the metro system and go back to the hotel rest my back of my photography bag… love is all around!

From the KOCMOC hotel, the sunset over Moscow…

Horizon colored


And another day, the same scenario but now with clouds

Almost gone…


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Anna 13 years, 3 months ago

beautiful set !!!!!

13 years, 3 months ago Edited
Rui Sousa 13 years, 3 months ago

Man, those look like real underground palaces!! Amazing!

13 years, 3 months ago Edited