MAKS 2007|Monino - Tupolev 144

by Rui Alves - Madeira Spotters January. 19, 2008 7250 views

The Tupolev 144 is the Russian version of the supersonic passenger tranportation. It flown during 11 months. It's the equivalent to the European Concorde. During 2 days I was lucky enough to spot 3 tails (CCCP-77115; CCCP-77106; RA-77114) :)
The dream… so see it fly… must probably will never happen :(
Even so, the memories are shared with you this way, I hope you can enjoy it! :)

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MAKS 2007 seen from one of it's entrances

The first tail. This one was in exhibition an visitors can enter the plane after paying a fee…

This shape is remarkable

The sun was really hot… this was the result

Canards detail (1/3)

Canards detail (2/3)

Canards detail (3/3), facing an IL96

The whole body

When you get closer to the spoilers the shadow was the major interest in this group around here… :)

Engines lined up!

Yes! You can touch it… :)

Another tail, this one stored. The military "fence" was always there.

Behind the fences there were more stored ones, in this case TU204 and IL76.

Boeing sticker near the nose. Search over the internet and you'll find why :)

Wing shape

The second tail

The third tail was found in Monino, one of the major Aircraft/Airspace museums around the world. Mig's and Shukoys visible also.

Nose comparation: Mig, Tu.

Looking from the back: the Engines, the Rudder and the bar helping the aircraft to keep levelled…

The tail number can not be missed :)
In fact, there was no other angle available to spot the entire aircraft…

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