FNC-LIS-MAD, Night views

by Rui Alves - Madeira Spotters December. 31, 2008 4532 views

Night flights…

If you like to take some photographs from your window seat,
night flights can be a little bit boring :(

Even so, if you dare to photograph, results can be…
at least… different! :)

4A and 4F were the selected seats to trigger all these photos.
All of them were hand-held, Shutter speed ranges from 1/25 to 1/4.
ISO 1600 was not a wish, rather it was a must, no choice available :)

I hope you Enjoy it.

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After a very short take-off run, we took-off from rwy 05.
A few seconds latter we bank left, crossing “Ponta de São Lourenço”.
The up-left corner white lights came from bellow the runway.
Next, Machico Bay.
On the right side, Caniçal.

We crossed the clouds and the show begun :)

The orange from the beacon light and from the sunset.

Porto Santo Island just bellow us.

Tagus river embraces the Atlantic Ocean right here.



University city.
On the right side, The “Sporting Clube de Portugal”'s stadium.

And that's it, we are about to touch-down on rwy 03, Lisbon Airport.

30m latter, it time to proceed to Madrid.

Some tiny and nice reflections over the wing as we bank right.

“Vasco da Gama” bridge and “Parque das Nações” overview.

55m latter we've landed on rwy 33R, a bit unusual to me.
Here we can see terminal T4S (S stands for Satellite), some “Iberia” aircraft and a Iberworld A330.

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Rui Sousa 11 years ago

Very nice shots! Like you said they're, at least, different.

11 years ago Edited
Blasted2photo 11 years ago

just amazing!!

11 years ago Edited
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