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by Rui Alves - Madeira Spotters January. 02, 2009 4386 views

It was a sunny and calm wind day in Madeira.
The runway in use was 23.
As it was 10:30AM, I have the sun right in front of me,
leading to backlight photos.
So, I've been searching for something new…
and I got this :)

Have fun! ;)

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Position flight from Lisbon (CS-TNN), landing on rwy 05, after a low pass over Funchal city.

My first set of backlight shots of the day: CS-TTB, about to land on rwy 23.
Can you see the Island reflected on the left side of the aircraft? :)

CS-TTB: Touch-down.

Reverse thrust

My first set from the correct point of view respective of the sun position.
Easyjet (G-EZBV) flight about to land on rwy 23.



Now one of the ex-GB Airways aircraft, now flown by Easyjet.

CS-TTB climbing from a departure using rwy 05.

While climbing, a crossed angle with another traffic in cruise.

Sata's A320, CS-TKK, on short final to rwy 23.
In sight, “Caniçal” city.

Getting closer :)

Sata's A310, CS-TGU, heading Lisbon from rwy 05.

Nice belly view.

Just above my head, a right bank!
Check the high-speed-aileron on the right wing :)
Oh, and there's another engine on the right wing too! :D

Again, CS-TTB, shortly after take-off from rwy 05.

Latter… in backlit conditions, this Eurocypria, 5B-DBR, and the reverse thrust while landing on rwy 05.

Another backlit shot, but still nice reflections on this Sata's A310 belly's (CS-TGV).
Check it out, there's some dust flying away from the left MLG (on the right side of the aircraft as you look at the aircraft).


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Marsha 11 years ago

Wow - great shots! #s 12 and 16 are amazing!

11 years ago Edited
Rui Sousa 11 years ago

Some different spots for sure. Inside?

11 years ago Edited
Jorge Abreu 11 years ago

#7 what's the spot? The others i know where you have been, but that one, could not be the same place.
Still, very nice pictures! all focused? or some blurry/heat haze/distance?

11 years ago Edited
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