Places to remember later - Pico do Areeiro

by Rui Sousa March. 02, 2008 3072 views

Every now and then I like to take some pics to some locations just to remeber them as they were at some point. Who knows how will places be a few years from now? This entry was made for a particular reason: by the end of the year, that touristic building on one of the most known touristic locations at Madeira, will probably be gone. It will be built an air defense radar on the area.

One of the highest points at Madeira you get to see some fantastic sea of cloud covering the rest of the island. Weather down in Funchal was crappy but here, there's an amazing sun.

This is the point where starts one of the most famous treking at Madeira: Pico do Areeiro-Pico Ruivo, right into the middle of the island mountains.

The stairs to the top of the peak.

Near the geodesic mark you can have a great view all around. In the red circle, you can see the shelter house of Pico Ruivo, the highest point of Madeira. it's a 3 hours treking from here to that point, through the middle of the mountains. Not recomendable for people with vertigo.

Tradicional souvenir comerce and bar, that will be relocated on a new area, with the building of the radar.

Just one road to get here through the middle of the mountains. A very nice road.

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Kopacz Andras 12 years, 10 months ago

Very beautiful place and good shots!

12 years, 10 months ago Edited