The Bridge Over Day 3

by Russell Smith January. 03, 2017 468 views


Around 30 years ago I had an amazing opportunity to learn how to play the violin. My mother was the one that provided my sister and I with this amazing experience, I owe mom many thanks for providing this experience and may others.

I was struggling with inspiration for todays picture. The weather is finally not rainy; but the outside is still soggy which is a good thing because we need the rain. Food well I am capable of shooting more than food or snacks or cats. So I brought the violin out and set it in a chair. I did started shooting it resting up right in the chair and 1 or 2 more  angles to start with but something was off so I sat down and thought for a few moments. What is it that I like about this beauty. Well I personally love the way the shapes of the bridge and the f-holes play off each other. The shapes and lines, the light and the shadows that play off these parts. I decided to try and create a picture with  the focus on these 2 parts of the violin. How do I keep it simple and feature these 2 parts without going into macro or pulling in any extra lights or extra props that would be the 2nd half of todays shot. I thought about how much I wanted in focus and that was roughly from the f-stops to the bridge maybe just a bit of the fingerboard . Now I have a more complete idea of what todays shot would be now to think how to accomplish this.
I know to achieve a depth of field that I wanted with my current gear a Canon sl1 and 50mm lens I would have to be at around f7-f11. I started at f-5.6 and I did not like the results; then tried f-8 I liked the results on the back of the camera. The what ifs crept into my mind so I tried f-11,f-16,and f-2.8(I know there was 0 way with the framing this one would work but I just wanted to see what it looked like). F-8 was the winner. Being party cloudy I needed extra light and did not want to push the iso up so I opened the door to let in a bit more light. I did have to break out the tripod as the shutter speed was lower than I was comfortable with handholding . Oh one other important thing I have not mentioned this week I am limiting myself to no more than 12 frames to get my shot. This will cause me to slow down and think more without spraying and praying .  Thank you for reading this and taking a moment to join me in my journey.

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