Day 4 Lets Go For a Walk...It Will be Fun I Said.

by Russell Smith January. 04, 2017 555 views

We have had a fair bit of rain lately. Makes for muddy conditions. We have a special mud here knows as Georgia Clay. Yes I know I am in South Carolina but we are close enough to the border they allow their clay to come over and play.
Part of photography for me is also physical therapy or exercise . It gives me an excuse that sounds good to my mind for me to get outside and walk . Something helpful to my back. Today I asked my daughter to join me. Gladly she came along . Then we reached the newly graded clay in a subdivision they are still building. There is a nice field/wooded area behind where they are building. I love that are because there is a variety of birds flitting around and the occasional deer or raccoon. Bright idea lets see if we can make it through the graded part to go see how much water the drainage pond has in it. 20 feet into it I heard "Nope I am done." I looked back and the brand new Christmas shoes had a new color cast to them. My daughter was not happy with my bright idea.

Muddy Shoe

Day 4 of 365 Project made for a mad teen

I decided to grab my picture of the day and feature her shoes. Being as I am concentrating on something simple like rules of thirds I decided to take a shot of her shoe on the sidewalk.  There are several things that bother me with this shot. 1 of them being I should have used a smaller aperture so I had more of the upper part of the pants leg in focus, more of the top of the shoe sharper. If I had to do this shot again I would use a smaller aperture say f16. I would back off just a bit and get the tip of the shoe and just a bit more of the heal . Progress not perfection .
I want to thank you for taking the time to read this and spend a moment with me on my journey.
P.S. No shoes were injured today. After some TLC with a scrub brush and bit of soap they are 99.876% good as new.

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Susannah Osborne 4 years, 1 month ago

I saw this photo and was left wondering where these footprints tread. Did they tread on your carpets? You answered my question by the end but you drew me in as a reader and as the dominant person to clean my household I appreciate your sharing a little humor at the end.

4 years, 1 month ago Edited